Delegation of Authority and Responsibility

Executive Orders 1000/731/1059 and ICSUAM 13680 delegate fiscal authority and responsibility to each CSU campus President. President García has appointed Vice President for Administration and Finance Mr. Danny C. Kim as the Chief Fiscal for the Fullerton campus. Mr. Kim has the responsibility and accountability for all funds administered by the campus.

As Chief Fiscal Officer, Mr. Kim is responsible for ensuring that:

  • The authority delegated by the above Executive Orders and ICSUAM policy is exercised in accordance with all applicable statues and regulations and policies of the Board of Trustees;
  • Expenditure commitments do not exceed available resources;
  • Monies are expended for their authorized purpose;
  • Appropriate internal controls are in place to ensure that funds are protected from misuse; and,
  • Campus financial practices adhere to uniform accounting standards.